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AvMap aeronautical products are 100% Made in Italy since 1994 and used by private pilots as well as by Armed forces, Governmental agencies, rescue teams, Civil Defense.
Find out AvMap's avionic solutions for the Sport/Ultralight and General Aviation market.
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Product Categories:

Portable GPS

The successful Electronic Knee Pad  series and the compact Geopilot II Plus to navigate by sky and by land.


Geopilot II Plus

Glass Cockpit System

Create your AvMap Glass Cockpit system by connecting instruments and accessories to EKP V,  an incredibly versatile multifunctional display. 

Introducing the AvMap Glass Cockpit system
AvMap EFIS set   (A2 ADAHRS + EKP V + Cockpit Docking Station)

Mounting solutions

EKP V can be used both as a portable knee pad and a cockpit-installed instrument, with two panel mounting solutions:

Cockpit Cradle Kit for basic integration
Cockpit Docking Station for advanced connectivity


Find out AvMap new line of instruments: easy to install, light, versatile and cost effective.

A2 ADAHRS module (EKP V add-on)
Ultra EFIS (stand-alone unit)

  What's new:

VFR Maps for EKP V

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for available ICAO maps
and sectionals.

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New Map Representation

New EKP V maps: extremely detailed, yet tidy and easy to read.


Aeronautical Accessories

Aeronautical Maps

AvMap Suite



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Aeronautical Products: